Donna and Barry Sherer
11356 Suemartom Court.
Marilla, NY 14102
Phone: 716-893-8111

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Donna and Barry Sherer


ENERGY STAR iconAs an ENERGY STAR certified, small Buffalo business owner for over 30 years, Barry Sherer, has consistently researched and trained to improve his skills in the home performance field. Ever since his father, Wayne E. Sherer, started the Buffalo based heating and air conditioning business in 1947, there has been a strong feeling of “doing the right thing” for the homeowner. If it came down to adding something to a job, or installation, to make it perform better for the homeowner, Wayne and Barry would do it. Since Wayne’s retirement in 1981, Barry has run the business. Buffalo's Sherer Heating and Air Conditioning, established shortly after World War II, has evolved from one man working on wood and oil furnaces, burners, boilers and water heaters to being one of Western New York’s oldest and most respected companies in the heating, cooling and ventilating business.

Barry A. Sherer, who has been a past member and officer in both the American Society of Gas Engineers and the Western New York Heating (WNY) and Cooling Contractors Association, holds numerous certificates of completion in courses, or trainings, on making homes perform to a higher level. In the early 1990’s the HVAC, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, was required to become certified in the proper handling of refrigerants by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. Barry, now a Certified Gas Engineer, has become universally certified by the EPA, as well as become one of the few contractors and companies to be certified and authorized by more than one distributorship or manufacturer to handle the “ozone safe” R410a refrigerant, or “Puron”, as the Carrier Corporation has called it.

BPI certificate accreditation imageBarry, his lead installer, and his service manager have become North American Technician Excellence “NATE” certified in heating service and installation. NATE is one of the hardest certifications to receive. 60% of the candidates that take the NATE certification exams do not pass. Barry has also become NATE certified in the Air Conditioning Excellence, ACE, air conditioning sector. As of 2008, Sherer Heating and Air Conditioning, Ltd. is one of the few HVAC companies in WNY, that employs 100% NATE certified installers and servicemen. See and type in your zip code and 25 miles from your home. Please note: With 2 locations in the Buffalo and WNY area, our Marilla office is the main mailing address but our Cheektowaga location is still in operation and ready to serve your needs.

Barry has also become certified in the ENERGY STAR program. The Building Performance Institute, BPI, has taken this program to the fullest extent. Being certified as a “Heating Professional”, “Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Specialist”, “Shell Specialist” and “Building Analyst”, Barry has used and demonstrated that this program is a very worthwhile program. “The education that I have acquired from this program is irreplaceable” Barry says. On a recent re-certification exam, required every 3 years, for ENERGY STAR, Barry scored 500 out of 500. He is now certified as an “Envelope Specialist.”

After an ENERGY STAR job is completed, the results need to be posted and reported back to BPI. In May of 2007, Barry was recently honored by BPI by having him represent the ENERGY STAR program on AM Buffalo, Channel 7 with Linda Pelligrino, for FREE. This was not a paid advertised spot. This was given to Barry because his company has consistently posted very high scores on the spot inspections, called Quality Assurance or “QA” inspections. This episode will be on the website about the beginning of July.

We, here at Sherer, want to make your home out perform the house next door. We will do every thing in our power to make it do that. Barry performs all major estimates personally and you will get all of his experience with your installations. We are not the cheapest price on the block for most of the jobs and many times are NOT the most expensive but we are the most thorough. The average estimate for a replacement furnace or cooling / air conditioning system will take an hour to an hour and a half and you will be left with a written estimate with at least 3 to 4 different models to choose from. There are many options that need to be considered and Barry will make you aware of that.

If you need our services or would like your Heating and or Air Conditioning system cleaned or checked to keep it at its maximum designed performance level, we would be happy to be of service to you. The next step is yours. You will need to call us at either office 716-893-8111 and ask for Donna. Please note that any e-mail with attachments cannot be opened unless we know the sender and e-mails in general will be answered within 4 to 5 working days.

Donna and Barry Sherer:
WNY and Buffalo's Heating and Air Conditioning Experts
Specializing in Natural Gas